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Video Production
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Video Production

Capturing your story, along with how and what you do, with traditional camera techniques is still the best way to spread your message and get your point across. If you scroll through the various social media platforms you will see video is now the number one way to promote your business.

  • Video is more engaging than text or images, it is a dynamic medium that can tell a story, show how a product works or concisely explain a concept.
  • Video is easy to share, once it is on your social media platforms or your website, it is easy to share with any interested individuals or organisations who may be interested in what you do.
  • Video can help build credibility, when people see you on video, they get to know and understand you as a person, they become more familiar with you and your business, and start to see you as a real person, not just a name on a screen.
  • Video is a great way to sell more products and generate leads, this is because video is a persuasive way to tell people about your services or products, much more than just using text to get the message across.

Video is a great way to spread the word about your business or your products to a large market, and there are many types of video that we offer:

  • Promotional Videos – Market your business and attract new customers for your services or products
  • Corporate Videos – Communicate your company’s messages, ethics and beliefs to your target audience
  • Event videos – Capture the buzz and excitement of events you run to help promote future events or keep them as a reminder of how good they were
  • Product Videos – Show how a product works, what makes it special, and how it can benefit your customers
  • Training Videos – Do you offer courses that you run in person, why not get it made into a course that can be delivered virtually, and earn you money while you sleep!
  • Editing services – We can also edit your own footage, if you have a bank of footage from previous events or similar, we can take that footage and turn it into a professional-looking end video you can be proud of.

All our videos come with the satisfaction guarantee, a video project is not completed until you are happy with how it looks.

We can work with a range of budgets to ensure it comes complete with narration and background music where required. We work with some very accomplished music producers, script writers and voice-over actors, and can even source celebrities for the narration!

We are a down-to-earth Video Production company that enjoy the creative process that we take our clients through, from their initial idea to developing a theme, mood and storyboard, right through to completion. There’s no project too big or too small for us to produce with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail, we love what we do!

We are based in Newark-On-Trent so can easily travel to any part of the UK if needed. If you are looking for an experienced company, contact us by calling 0333 2104420 or email hello@quayleindustries.co.uk

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