Tree Preservation Orders

Our experienced Arborists are based in Nottingham and can travel across the UK to provide surveys for trees that are protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

In England, Local Planning Authorities have the right to issue a Tree Preservation Order for a tree or group of trees. This often happens if the Local Planning Authority believes that the trees offer significant amenity benefit to the local area.

It is essential to find out if a tree on your land has a Tree Preservation Order, if you do not know and cause the tree any damage then you can be prosecuted and fined and, in some cases, this results in a criminal record.

Surveys for Trees with a Tree Preservation Order

If a Tree Preservation Order is in place you cannot:

  • • Cut down the tree
  • • Prune the tree back too heavily (known as topping or lopping)
  • • Uproot the tree
  • • Cause any damage

Surveys for Tree Preservation Orders

If you have a tree that is protected in this way and you need to do some work on the tree, for example, if it is unsafe or restricting light then we can help. We will conduct a detailed tree survey and make recommendations on why the work needs to be carried out and also how this can be done to preserve the tree. We will also help you to make the application to your Local Planning Authority.

If consent is given for the work to be carried out, we can attend on the day and supervise the contractor to ensure that the work complies with the permission given.

Defence of Utility Trees

This is a service we provide to landowners who have overhead lines and pylons which travel across their land and affect their trees. If you have been informed by your local Distribution Network Operator that your trees are deemed to be a hazard, we can provide you advice. A tree survey provides information which can be used to make a counteroffer to the Distribution Network Operator to minimise the actions carried out on your trees while still complying with the current legislation concerning the power lines.

We are based in Nottingham so can easily travel to any part of the UK if needed. For a tree survey contact us by calling 0333 2104420 or email