BS:5837 Tree Surveys

We conduct British Standard 5837 Tree Surveys for private and commercial clients based in Nottingham and across the UK. Our experienced Arborists pride themselves in their ability to deliver a service second to none and work in accordance with industry standards.

Our BS:5837 Tree Surveys are often required by:

  • • Property Developers
  • • Landowners
  • • Architects
  • • Builders

If a new development is being built, it is the responsibility of the developers to ensure that as many trees as possible are preserved. Mature trees in a housing development add to the visual beauty of the area and can often add value to the price of the properties. However, there may be cases the trees are restricting part of the development or highways.

Tree Reports for Planning Permission

To get planning permission from Local Authorities a tree survey and report needs to be compiled which is in accordance with the BS:5837 guidelines. This gives detailed information about the development and recommends which trees can be preserved and those that need to be removed. It will also highlight any trees which need to be protected.

The tree report includes a lot of detailed information, including:

  • • Details on species and condition
  • • Constraints caused below ground
  • • Restrictions caused above ground
  • • Any future problems that may arise

Our aim is always to work with you to give the trees the best chance of succeeding in the new development.

We are based in Nottingham so can easily travel to any part of the UK if needed. For a tree survey conducted in accordance with BS:5837 contact us by calling 0333 2104420 or email