Tree Surveys across the UK

We offer a range of tree surveys; these include tree reports and surveys for individuals, property developers and large companies across the UK. Tree surveys are often requested by private and commercial clients that want to protect trees adjacent to their property or land. Wherever possible, we aim to offer solutions which will preserve the trees, but if this can’t be done, we will ensure that a British Standard 5837 report is compiled which gives details of actions required.

Below are some of the tree services we offer, with links to their pages.

BS:5837 Tree Surveys - Reports to assist with planning and new developments

Veteran Tree Surveys - Assistance with ensuring your trees are healthy and safe

Mortgage Tree Surveys - Get a report on the condition of trees in relation to property matters

Tree Preservation Orders - We can give advice and aid with the process of dealing with a protected tree

We are based in Nottingham so can easily travel to any part of the UK if needed. If you would like a tree survey contact us by calling 0333 2104420 or email