Drone Workshop

Maybe you’re thinking of buying a drone for the first time and don’t know whether it’s something for you. Or maybe you have bought or been given a drone, which hasn’t seen the light of day yet as you don’t feel confident enough to take it out of the box, let alone take to the skies.

Perhaps you have started flying and want to gain a better understanding of the current legislation and rules governing drone use, or want advice regarding where you can and can’t fly. Maybe you have read that you now need a CAA Flyer ID number before you can fly but don't know how to gain this.

This is where the drone workshop can help; either using your own equipment or our DJI drones you will understand your safety responsibilities and complete the legal side of things, before taking off yourself under 1 to 1 tuition by a CAA Approved Remote Pilot.

Flying lessons are a split of theory and hands on training, from learning how to prepare the equipment and choosing a correct place to fly and completing the CAA Flyer ID competency test, to gaining confidence once in the air, leading to those better shots and video and a better flight experience all round.

After one of our workshop sessions you will:

  • ◆ have gained your CAA flyer ID number
  • ◆ know what to consider when choosing where to fly
  • ◆ know what to do while airborne
  • ◆ understand your legal obligations
  • ◆ understand the app that controls the drone to get the best from your flight
  • ◆ have practical experience of flying a drone
  • ◆ gain confidence to fly your own drone

We have 600 acres of private land that we use for flying, or we can come to you and conduct the workshop in a location more convenient to you for an additional fee, please get in touch to discuss this option using the contact details below or on the contact page

To enquire about taking a flying lesson without leaving the ground, start your aerial adventure with Quayle Industries and contact us by calling 0333 2104420 or email hello@quayleindustries.co.uk

We also offer vouchers so you can purchase for a friend or family member and include it with a drone as a gift package. This is for the workshop conducted at our midlands site, you will receive your personalised voucher as a PDF file via email within 24 hours for you to print at your convenience.

To purchase a voucher press the button below: