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It is becoming increasingly popular, and something we do more and more, to use drones to monitor the progress of large civil engineering, construction and housing projects.

Traditionally the directors of the company would travel to the site and have a walk around to see the progress being made and speak to the staff involved to find out any obstacles they may be facing. This would be expensive in terms of time, but also travel costs, accommodation, and if there are multiple directors and stakeholders it can cause a large carbon footprint.

Using a drone to carry out this task is a much better alternative, and produces a record that catalogues the progress that can be revisited over and over again.

We typically attend the site once a month, and fly around the construction or along the route, to produce a video and set of still images that captures the entire area, the state of the project on that day, highlight key areas and the date it was captured on. As we visit the site monthly and produce similar videos each time, these can be viewed side by side to see the difference month on month or whatever interval is best to see the changes that have occurred in that time.

As well as monitoring the progress, this data can be used when dealing with third-party contractors to confirm works have been carried out to specification and within the agreed timescales or can be shared with other stakeholders such as local authorities or agencies to show the project is sticking to agreements or is within regulations in the area.

Our staff are used to working in these types of environments and hold sufficient qualifications to carry out their task safely such as the CSCS card scheme.

Using this type of service can save:

  • Time – Only one person is going to site, and the site visits can be watched over and over again by all involved.
  • Money – Directors and other leaders can carry on with their daily duties, not spending money on travel costs.
  • Future conflicts – The project is catalogued throughout the life of the construction, so it is easy to prove what happened when and where.
  • Marketing costs – Footage can be used from current projects to market the company for future tenders.

To ensure the operation is carried out in the safest manner possible, it’s important to make sure who you use for monitoring the project progress with a drone is fully qualified to do so, holds the correct permissions from the Civilian Aviation Authority, and is adequately insured to cover both you and them in the unlikely event that something unexpected happens, fortunately, Quayle Industries Ltd has you covered!

We are based in Newark-On-Trent so can easily travel to any part of the UK if needed. If you are looking for an experienced drone pilot contact us by calling 0333 2104420 or email hello@quayleindustries.co.uk

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