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At Quayle Industries Ltd we understand the power of visual data and its impact on businesses. Traditional mapping methods often fall short when it comes to capturing real-time, high-resolution imagery over large areas or difficult terrains. That's where our drone mapping services come in. By leveraging the latest advancements in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and data processing techniques, we provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for accurate mapping and surveying.

We have carried out mapping for a wide range of businesses and individuals across the UK, including Planners, Designers, Estate Managers and Ecology Companies.

The mapping operations are first planned to cover the whole area at an altitude to suit the client and give the resolution required for the project. The planning software then transmits the flight plan to the drone, which carries out the flight autonomously, under constant watch by the pilot in case they need to take over. The drone takes hundreds of images, which are all geolocated to around 1 cm accuracy, of the site being mapped. These are then processed to create a large Orthomosaic image, generally in the form of a .TIF file. These files can be zoomed in and out to inspect individual elements of the map. As it is geolocated, this can also be used as a layer in GIS software, to produce an image that is far superior to satellite image providers such as Google or a similar provider.

Our clients use this service to capture a site before, during or after a project has been completed to fully capture the works. Or to capture the state of a piece of land to be used to ensure reinstatement works are carried out correctly.

The benefits of using a drone service provider like Quayle Industries Ltd can save time and money:

  • Speed – Drones can cover a large area quickly and efficiently
  • Accuracy – The images are correct to 1 cm on the ground, so the high-resolution images combine to provide an accurate map
  • Safety – Drones can fly in areas that are hard to reach or dangerous to send staff to walk using traditional methods

The resolution of the maps are directly affected by the height at which the drone is flown whilst collecting the data. The higher the drone flies the better the resolution of the final map. You can find the details here.

To ensure the operation is carried out in the safest manner possible, it’s important to make sure who you use for mapping with a drone is fully qualified to do so, holds the correct permissions from the Civilian Aviation Authority, and is adequately insured to cover both you and them in the unlikely event that something unexpected happens, fortunately, Quayle Industries Ltd has you covered!

We are based in Newark-On-Trent so can easily travel to any part of the UK if needed. If you are looking for an experienced drone pilot contact us by calling 0333 2104420 or email hello@quayleindustries.co.uk

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