Estate and Land Agents

Aerial photography using a drone is a perfect way of capturing photographs and videos of your land or property development. It is both cost-effective and efficient and results in stunning images that you can’t achieve using traditional photography. Our drone pilots based in Nottingham are Civil Aviation Authority Approved and will work with you to plan the work and ensure that all permissions required are obtained before we start.

We use state of the art DJI Matrice 200 Series Drones.

We offer aerial photography using drones for:

  • • Individuals
  • • Architects
  • • Estate Agents
  • • Builders
  • • Property Developers

Aerial Photography for Individuals

We are often asked to take an aerial photograph using a drone of a home which can then be used as a picture. If you have lived in your home for many years or you want to buy a gift that is a bit out of the ordinary, then commissioning aerial photography using a drone is a perfect option. The high-quality photography can capture your home and surrounding areas in a way that you will not have seen before. We can even make a short video of the drone flying above your house.

Aerial Photography for Property Developments

We work with architects, builders and property developers in Nottingham and across the UK. Aerial photography using drones can help at the start of the project, so you have a clear view of the plot you are planning to build on and surrounding areas. This can help with planning applications before the build starts. We can even make progression video for property developers; these are a great way of promoting the development as work is taking place for your website or social media. Once the development is ready for sale, we can take aerial photographs which will capture the buildings and surrounding areas. The stunning images and videos are an ideal way to promote your property portfolio to potential buyers.

Aerial Photography for Estate Agents

This is a service is favoured by Estate Agents, taking images of a house, the gardens and the whole estate from angles unachievable using normal photography. Pictures taken by a drone can set your portfolio apart from the competition and ensure you get that sale.

We are based in Nottingham so can easily travel to any part of the UK if needed. If you are looking for an experienced drone pilot contact us by calling 0333 2104420 or email