Agricultural Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are often used by farmers and agricultural service professionals to evaluate the health of their crops. Drones are a cost-effective and efficient method for collecting valuable data which can be used to improve the yield of crops. Our drone pilots based in Nottingham are Civil Aviation Authority Approved and will work with you to plan the work and ensure that all permissions required are obtained before we start.

State of the art DJI drones

Using a qualified drone pilot that has state of the art equipment to analyse your crops is more effective than purchasing a cheap drone and trying to do this yourself.

We use AGX710 or AGX840 Sensors for DJI Matrice 200 Series Drones. These provide detailed insights into the health of the crop and capture data quickly. The multi-spectral sensor allows us to collect real-time data and provide live streaming to you.

Benefits of using a drone pilot

We will agree with you a flight plan that will provide maximum data for you. The drone will fly slowly across the fields and capture precise and accurate data. The type of data that can be collected includes:

  • • Height of plants
  • • Number of plants
  • • Health of plants
  • • Presence of nutrients
  • • Presence of disease
  • • Presence of weeds

Farming drones can be used to conduct many routine farming tasks, thereby helping you to save time and money on labour. Some of these include crop health monitoring, yield monitoring, drought assessment and plant stress monitoring.

Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (farming drone) you can gain a rapid overview of your managed estate, showing areas of the crops which are not performing as expected, allowing early intervention to improve yield.

We are based in Nottingham so can easily travel to any part of the UK if needed. If you are looking for an experienced drone pilot contact us by calling 0333 2104420 or email